My school

My name is Inkar. I’m 10 years old. I study at “Zharmukhambet secondary school”. My school is situated in Zharmukhambet village not for from Almaty. My school is the best. My school is a two-stored building. Pupils of primary school study on the ground floor. My school is very beautiful. Because, there is a big gym in our school. Our physical training lessons and different sport competitions are held there. Also there is an assembly hall. We celebrate holidays there. I like reading books. After school I spend much my time at the library. There are a lot of interesting books. My favourite subject is English. I like English poets. Especially, William Wordsworth. I took part at competition of readers “English poetry”. And I won the First place. Teachers of my school are very clever. Come to my school.

Шәймерден Іңкәр