My dad is my back, my mother is my heart

It’s a family that’s bringing up human values and national spiritual values in the future generation like me.
My family -is full of happiness.

My dad is Aydin. He is very calmand architect. Father likes to build the houses in his dream. He built several houses and our house was built by himself . My father’s behavior, relationship with others, his art and his knowledge are example to us. We love our father and we proud of him.
And if I stop my mom, my pen will be exhausted. My heartand a real compassionate soul is my mother. My mother’s name is Dinara. He is a noble mother, a dear teacher, lovely wife. She always communicates well with people. She has a great deal of good qualities, intelligent, noble, respectful, wise, and unique.

My mother is my life mentor, my mind, my hug. She understands us without saying any word. She always teaches and guides me to everywhere.
My mother has so much to give us and to teach us. My parents understandeach other without words. My little brother and I both love and value our parents. I am delighted to be the descendant of such a kind, devout family. At the end, I wish a bright future for my Independent country.

Болатхан Дана