About my working day

My working day usually begins at six o’clock sharp. I have to get up early in the morning as I live far from my school. I usually wake up by alarm clock. But as I often keep late hours sometimes my mother has to wake me up. I usually sleep with the ventilation pane open and it is quite chilly in the room in the morning. After getting up I do my bed. I am fond of jogging, that is why whatever the weather might be I leave the house at half past six and jog in the park which is near our house. I wish my brother jogged with me, but he says it is too hard for him to do any morning exercises when he is still sleepy.
At a quarter past seven I am back and go to the bathroom to have a shower. In fifteen minutes I am ready for breakfast. By this time my parents have already left for their offices. I do not have to cook my breakfast, as mother always leaves me something to eat. People say breakfast should be the most substantial meal of the day, but I do not like to eat much in the morning. A couple of sandwiches with tea are enough for me.
Before going to school I have a quarter of an hour for revising my homework. I leave home when the clock strikes eight. It takes me about half an hour to get to school. I can go there by bus but I hate public transport. You usually have to wait for a long time and besides our buses are always overcrowded during the rush hours. I hate to be squeezed on all sides by other passengers. So I prefer walking.
My classes begin at half past eight. We have five lessons every day but Mondays and Wednesdays when we have six. The classes are over at about three o’clock. I hurry home to have lunch. After lunch I let myself rest for a while and then begin to do my homework. In junior forms I used to go to the tennis court. I am fond of tennis. I went in for tennis for 6 years and had my trainings twice a week. But last year I had to deprive myself of this pleasure as I needed more time for studies.
After several minutes of doing nothing and lying on the sofa I am ready to do my homework. My parents do not like when I lie motionlessly on the sofa instead of having a little walk. But I do not think that it is a waste of time because after that I feel refreshed.
I’m used to doing difficult lessons first. These are physics, mathematics and chemistry. After that I go shopping and buy everything my mother asks me. Then my parents come back home and we have dinner at half past seven. After that I start doing the other lessons. At ten o’clock I finish preparing my lessons and have some spare time which I usually spend on either reading a book or watching TV. At about eleven o’clock my mother reminds me of my getting up early in the morning. I go to bed rather unwillingly but fall asleep in some minutes.